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We currently live in a loneliness epidemic. Want to help solve that and also increase engagement to your organization? By using Aloe, your member base will feel included in your community from Day 1. By providing them an easy outlet to get to know others like them better in your group, they also get to know you better in the process, you help strengthen your brand image and they increase their loyalty back to you.

At Aloe, we strongly believe that one of the best ways to make new friends is by going through an organization two people are involved in as there is already common ground shared between the two, such as shared life experiences, backgrounds, values, and interests.

Main Services

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Calendar with events

Ever been to an event but didn’t know anyone else there and felt awkward starting a conversation with someone? Or worse, didn’t even try going to the event because you didn’t know anyone else there? With Aloe, batch upload all your organization’s events from a CSV file months in advance to keep your member base up to date, let them see who’s going to events before getting there to help lower the barrier for getting them more involved with you, and feel more comfortable reaching out to new people. Once uploading your events, see the specific insights on each event for tracking member engagement and top interests, and then sit back and relax knowing that we handle all your event emails and registrations for you. You upload your events, we do the rest.

Organization Profile

Organization profile with list of members

Once you create your account, your organization’s information will be made public on your profile to the Aloe community network. People on Aloe can request to join your organization but they cannot see your events, hubs or your member base until you accept their request to join. By using Aloe, your organization will get increased visibility by other organizations and people in the Aloe community when they see your organization listed on people's profiles.

Member Profile

User profile on Aloe

Your members will also have their own profile of details and information about them. For each member, you can click on their image and see their full profile, get to know them better in-detail and see what they enjoy, as well as see other organizations they are in. Every member in your community will be able to see each other’s member profile and be able to reach out to them, creating a friendship and lasting bond through your organization.

Insights on Members

Charts displaying members' couple statuses and friendships

It’s important for you to understand and know your member base for increasing engagement within your community and create the events your audience wants. In this section, services include comparing member data in different cities, seeing engagement metrics such as making new friendships, and more. See a feature missing? Contact us here to let us know if you want us to add something else to help you further engage your member base.

How does it work?

Create your account for a business, add the necessary appropriate information your community needs to know that it is your business and then bulk invite your member base to join your organization on Aloe. Then, upload your events and watch your members’ insights come in.

Pricing for organizations start at $99/month. We do this so we can keep your data and information safe and secure and will not sell it to third-parties or advertisers.

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